June 2019 - Osa Conservation
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News + Stories

Sea Turtles, Volunteers and Visitors / 26.06.2019

Blogpost by Nicole Ross, 1-month Volunteer Before Osa Conservation, I had never volunteered anywhere for longer than a day. I had never been away from home longer than a week. I had never travelled alone. That all changed after volunteering at Osa Conservation. Knowing I would be travelling alone this summer, I wanted to make sure wherever I went was safe enough for a young woman on her own. I had heard really good things about Costa Rica, and how friendly the locals were. I also knew...

Uncategorized / 20.06.2019

Escrito por: Johan Ortíz, Técnico de Campo Programa Restauración y "Rewilding" Mi nombre es Johan Ortíz, soy de Puerto Jiménez, y me considero un amante de la naturaleza que disfruta trabajar en ella, ya que además de disfrutar de los hermosos paisajes que nos brinda la Madre Naturaleza, me da mucho gusto hacer mi parte para ayudar a protegerla y conservarla. [caption id="attachment_12392" align="aligncenter" width="415"] Johan Ortíz participando de una sus actividades favoritas-obsrvación de aves- en el día eBird. Foto: Hillary Brumberg [/caption]   Me gustaría contarles acerca de un gran proyecto...

Aves, Birds, Community Outreach, Science and Research / 18.06.2019

Blogpost by Johan Ortíz, Restoration and Rewilding Field Technician My name is Johan Ortiz, and I am from the community of Puerto Jiménez. I am a lover of nature who enjoys working in it. As well as getting to enjoy these beautiful surroundings that Mother Nature gives us, it gives me great pleasure to do my bit to help protect and conserve nature. Johan Ortiz participating in one of his favorite activities--bird watching--during an eBird Big Day. Photo: Hilary Brumberg I would like to tell you about a great...