Restoration & Rewilding Coordinator

Osa Conservation is seeking a Restoration & Rewilding Coordinator for a leading role to connect restoration efforts with our community partners in the Osa.

The Restoration & Rewilding Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing restoration and rewilding efforts on our properties and specifically within areas of key community partners (eco-lodges, private landowners and citizen science network partners). Key duties include leading and carrying out science-led conservation initiatives, fundraising, building institutional partnerships, mentoring, and managing staff in a team-based system. This high-energy position reports to the Conservation Science Director. The organization is in a growth phase, has a strong science-base and pursues data-driven conservation solutions and program designs. The ability to multi-task by organizing and managing a complex set of operations and facilities is essential. The base of operations is the Osa Peninsula and an enthusiasm for living in the humid tropics is a must.  Travel regionally is required.

The salary will be commensurate with other professional non-profit salaries paid in Costa Rica.

 General responsibilities include:

  1. Project Implementation: lead innovative rewilding and restoration efforts, and introduce this to the regional community in Osa.
    1. Responsible for leading rewilding approaches on OC land and partnering collaborators land.
    2. Develop relationships within local communities to promote and create opportunities for restoration and rewilding within the peninsula.
  2. Financial Performance and Viability: Develops and manages resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the restoration and rewilding program.
  3. Responsible for ongoing fundraising and managing the resources necessary to support the program goals, including assisting both the Conservation Science Director and other project staff in these efforts.
  4. Education and Outreach Strategy:
    1. Works with directors and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled
    2. Responsible for OC’s image by being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.
  5. Program Operations:
    1. Responsible effective administration of operations.
    2. Responsible for the retention of competent, qualified staff.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Willingness to live in the Osa
  • A graduate degree in a relevant discipline – Restoration Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife Ecology, Rewilding, Tropical Ecology, etc.
  • Experience working with local tropical communities, preferably in Latin America.
  • Evidence of scientific and popular writings (scientific papers, social media and blogs included)
  • Statistical skills and experience using R, GIS and spatial statistics skills.
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with scientists, policy professionals and decision makers
  • Transparent, charismatic and high integrity leadership
  • 12 months or more nonprofit experience
  • Experience of and compatibility with field conditions in the wet tropics
  • Willingness to participate in budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting
  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation
  • Ability to convey the strategic vision to staff, volunteers and donors
  • Knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to nonprofit sector
  • Skills to collaborate with and motivate donors and staff
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to meet reporting and submission deadlines
  • Ability to interface and engage diverse stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to mentor, manage and collaborate with staff
  • Strong public speaking ability
  • Bilingual command of English and Spanish

 Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Planning and operation of project budget.
  • Producing scientifically-based conservation impacts of innovative tropical rewilding techniques
  • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and utilize those relationships strategically
  • Report to and work closely with the Conservation Science Director to seek their involvement in fundraising and to increase the overall visibility of the organization, and related projects
  • Contribute to maintaining a high-performance field team with excellent morale and commitment
  • Oversee and participate in weekly operations and science team meetings.


Please contact Dr. Andrew Whitworth (Science Director) with a current CV/Resume and short 1-2 page cover letter. Successful applicants will be contacted for interview.