Forest Restoration

The world’s tropical forests, the lungs of the planet, are being degraded at an alarming rate with a consequent loss of species diversity. Our work in the Osa Peninsula has shown that degradation does not have to be a one-way street.

We utilize over 100 species of native trees–grown from hand-collected seeds propagated in an on-site nursery–to restore degraded habitat on our conservation properties in Osa. These efforts are undertaken by our hard-working land conservation staff with the help of students, volunteers, visitors, and participants in our Plant-A-Tree program carried out in partnership with area ecolodges.

Our forest restoration efforts aren’t simply about planting trees. We are working with Costa Rican botanists to pioneer a new model for reforestation that maximizes the ecological value of restored forests for birds, bats, insects and other wildlife. Continual monitoring and measurement of forest and wildlife recovery on our restoration sites is helping us derive valuable ecological insights to develop a model and best practices for forest restoration in the region.

Help us plant a tree in our restoration project!