Piro Biological Station

Piro BioStation has 3 residential cabins: Cotinga, Lapa, and Tangara.

lapa cabin







Each cabin is situated with 3 spacious, rustic bedrooms with capacity for four individuals in each room. Bedrooms are furnished with 2 bunk-beds, dressers, shelves, outlets and mosquito nets. We provide towels and sheets, but you are welcome to bring your own set.

Cabins also include an indoor shower and bathroom, a gorgeous tropical outdoor shower, a bar and sink combination in the common area, chairs and hammocks, and a clothes-line for hanging clothes out to dry.

Piro’s total capacity is 36 individuals.

IMG_2268 IMG_2539

Rancho Piro






Piro Research Station also has a cabin designated as a workspace area that comes with a small library, an office, internet, and ample room to work with samples. This is a perfect area to hold workshops, discussions, and to give lectures and presentation.

Piro’s large dining hall, dubbed Rancho Piro, has enough space to host large lectures and presentations; it also provides wireless interet. A fully stocked and staffed kitchen and a brick oven complement the dining area, along with an office for the station manager.

Piro BioStation is powered by solar panels and uses microhydro energy. Osa Conservation works hard to cohabituate with the environment around it by using renewable energy sources. We recycle plastic, glass, and metals, compost food, and trash as little waste as possible.