Restoring Osa’s Forests

Why Reforestation?


We owe a lot to the world’s forests. They play an important role in the water cycle, harbor incredible biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, and help offset the effects of climate change. Sadly, forests are being degraded at an alarming rate, resulting in a loss of species diversity.

Help us bring back the forest at our Finca Osa Verde, a former farm and ranch. We will be using over 30 native species to help restore the Osa’s unique and diverse forest habitats. We are enthusiastic about this project – we’ve already restored 200 hectares of land in the Osa Peninsula with native species, and we are continuing to plant with the help of passionate volunteers.

How You Can Help

As a volunteer, you’ll help us restore the complex and unique forest ecosystems of the Osa Peninsula. Here’s a snapshot:

  • January to May: You’ll help prepare soil bags, collect seeds, germinate seedlings, transplant seedlings into soil bags in our tree nursery and tag and provide a visual analysis of trees in the field
  • May to November: You’ll participate in actual reforestation efforts. This includes learning the theory of reforestation and succession as well as helping with tree transportation, transplantation, and maintenance.
  • November to December: You’ll help with data analysis and visual monitoring of species in the field to determine mortality rates, succession growth, tagging of species, and other quantitative work.

What You’ll Learn

  • Restoration of tropical forests and mangroves
  • Logistics needed to reproduce tropical succession
  • The importance and niche use of different tropical species needed to attract wildlife and restore biodiversity
  • The theory behind connecting biological corridors

Additional Details

Work Schedule: You’ll work a regular workweek from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm. Outside of this 5-day commitment, you’ll be able to assist on other projects, and help our staff with various small tasks to keep our station running smoothly.

Commitment: From November-April, we ask that you commit to a 1-week minimum stay to account for fieldwork training. The longer you stay, the more you’ll learn!

Cost: A nightly fee of $45 includes accommodations in shared rooms, 3 meals a day, snacks, and wifi in the dining hall and laboratory. The $300 program fee covers the cost of materials and equipment as well as one fun, off-site activity – either kayaking or horseback riding.

Travel: While you are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Osa Conservation sites, we are happy to help book a taxi from the airport to our station.

More Info

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