Birds, Volunteers and Visitors / 19.04.2011

[caption id="attachment_1988" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="International Migratory Bird Day 2011"][/caption] Just to set the scene… the following is a bit of what I wrote to you last October 2010 in recognition of a well known day that pays homage to migratory birds all throughout the Americas. “Have you ever sat and marveled at the wonder of bird migration; the journey that birds undertake between their winter and summer homes?  Well if so, you’re not alone, and it is a cause for celebration!  Each year hundreds of thousands of people gather to...

Sea Turtles, Volunteers and Visitors / 12.04.2011

Sea Turtles have been around for over 100 million years, but all over the world their survival is being threatened. Volunteers are crucial to protect the sea turtles during their nesting season. Our program conserves and protects 10 miles of sea turtle nesting beach on the Osa Peninsula—a largely untouched, and amazingly beautiful tropical rainforest located in southwestern Costa Rica. This rewarding program allows you to monitor sea turtle movements, protect hatchlings and learn about sea turtle conservation—all on some of the most incredible beaches in the world, from Matapalo to Carate. Our sea turtle program relies on volunteer support to increase our presence on these beaches and help reduce poaching pressure. Spaces are available from July through December – please visit our sea turtle volunteer page to sign up, or send this info to people you think may be interested. Volunteering is a great way to experience this unique place while giving back through valuable conservation efforts.
Uncategorized / 12.04.2011

Con emoción anunciamos que la temporada 2011 de nuestro Programa de Tortugas Marinas ya está por iniciar. El año pasado expandimos nuestro programa para cubrir desde Matapalo hasta Carate, un total de 18 km para patrullas protegiendo las tortugas marinas que se encuentran en peligro de extinción. En años previos, nuestro programa  cubrió las playas Piro y Pejeperro, protegiendo alrededor de 8 km de playa. La participación de voluntarios es indispensable para que podamos cubrir los 18 km de playa que actualmente protegemos. Para tener mayor presencia en las playas desde Matapalo hasta Carate, lo cual disminuye la presión por “hueveros”, nosotros necesitamos de la ayuda de voluntarios. Tenemos espacios disponibles desde Julio hasta mediados de Diciembre, visite nuestra página web para aplicar a nuestro programa.