2012 Osa Science Symposium

The 2012 Osa Science Symposium was attended by 14 presenters and many members of the environmental community

Osa Conservation recently hosted a science symposium at the Piro Research Center. The event brought together scientists and conservationists to share information and results from various research conducted throughout the Osa Peninsula.  The symposium was organized in partnership with representatives from ACOSA (Osa Conservation Area) and was attended by 14 presenters and many members of the environmental community.

The day began with welcoming remarks from Osa Conservation’s executive director, Manuel Ramírez and ACOSA research department head, Wendy Barrantes.  The gathering provided a space to discuss the current status of Osa’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife, as well as identify priority areas for further research. Participants identified the need for comprehensive studies of land use change in Osa, methodologies for estimating costs of environmental damage, calculations for carbon sequestration potential in primary and secondary forests, scientific techniques for recovering degraded forests and the development of a model to build incentives for reforestation in the peninsula.

The symposium strengthened communication and collaboration among scientists and environmentalists and also fomented the role of Osa Conservation as one of the main facilitators of research in the area. The event was a great success and we would like to thank the following presenters and all symposium attendees.  Thanks for making this year’s symposium a success!

Wendy Barrantes, ACOSA
Conserving the Osa, Overview and Future Directions

Karen Leavelle, Osa Conservation
Spatial Biology and Conservation of the Yellow-billed Cotinga

Guido Saboío, Osa Conservation
Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Piro-Carate Beaches

Reinaldo Aguilar, Los Charcos de Osa
Vascular Plants of the Osa

Pablo Riba, Proyecto Carey, Universidad de Costa Rica
Population Structure of Two Dioceus Hardwood Species in the Osa Peninsula

Edgar Malayassi, Instituto Tecnológico de Cartago
Carbon sequestration in secondary and primary forest, Osa Peninsula

Jesús Mora Molina, Guillermo Calvo Brenes, Instituto Tecnológico de Cartago
Evaluation and Classification of the Quality of Several Water Bodies in the Osa Peninsula

Aida Bustamante, Yaguará
Research and Conservation of big cats and their preys on the Osa Peninsula

Gloriana Chaverri, Boston University
The Use of Social Calls in the Search for Bat Refuges

Julieta Carranza , Walter Marín, Universidad de Costa Rica
Inventory and distribution of macro-fungi at La Leona, Corcovado National Park

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