Amazon Conservation Team in Osa: Birds of a Feather…

Photo Credit: Crisbellt Alvarado

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) recently held a major international, intercultural planning meeting last week in the Osa Peninsula. Attendees gathered from offices in Colombia and Suriname and also the ACT Headquarters in Arlington. Tribal representatives from six different partner communities also traveled from far and wide to participate.

The meeting was the brainchild of Liliana Madrigal, Vice-President and Co-Founder of ACT, who also serves as Osa Conservation’s Board President. A native Costa Rican, Liliana helped found the Nature Conservancy’s International Program and Conservation International. She was also one of the very first winners of the prestigious Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

Liliana and Kogi Elder

Liliana Madrigal passes a reflective moment with Santos Sauna of the Kogi peoples

The Osa Peninsula was chosen for the setting of the meeting because it is “halfway to everywhere” and ideal for bringing together people from Brazil, Colombia, Suriname and the U.S. More importantly, it was decided that Osa was a place where both indigenous (and non-indigenous) people from South America could see first-hand rainforest conservation success stories since Osa has an intricate and complicated mosaic of different landscapes (national park, research station, private lands, etc.) that are managed in sync, thanks primarily to Osa Conservation and other local colleagues.

All the attendees were very impressed: by the forest, the research stations, the infrastructure, and – most of all – the fierce dedication and generous hospitality of the Osa Conservation staff. We will return!

Mark Plotkin, President, Amazon Conservation Team

InternUser Osa Conservation
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