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by Juan Carlos Cruz Díaz, Science Manager, and Brigid Prouse, Science Program Assistant [caption id="attachment_5395" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Brigid Prouse, Science Program Assistant[/caption] Environmental education is a crucial element for promoting and teaching the importance of conservation to communities and individuals. By having a solid environmental education and outreach program, we can promote long term appreciation, awareness and respect for our environment. For this reason, a few months ago, as part of the Science Program at Osa Conservation, we started delivering a series of talks to locals, schools and tourists in...

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  By: Pilar Bernal This past July 30, 16 students from Carbonera, Rio Oro and Piro schools toured the “Discovering the Rainforest” interpretive trail accompanied by two teachers and two persons familiar with the trail. During the tour, the students enjoyed a morning in the forest learning about the ecology of rainforests at each station on the path.   We had an opportunity to observe spider monkeys, Baird’s Trogon, snakes, and to observe and admire giant forest trees like the Ajo, Reseco, Baco, and Ojoche trees. This portion of the interpretive trail “Discovering...

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[caption id="attachment_5018" align="aligncenter" width="300"] tomada por Pilar Bernal[/caption] by: Pilar Bernal On Saturday, May 11th, we celebrated the Festival of Water in the community of Puerto Jiménez. The event began with an opening parade, in which the students carried signs with messages promoting conservation awareness and the responsible use of water resources and were accompanied by a happy band of students from Puerto Jiménez Technical High School. Students from more than six different schools in the Osa Peninsula participated and entertained themselves with plays and presentations by other students. The ICT’s...

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By Pilar Bernal [caption id="attachment_4883" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Esquinas River which feeds into the Golfo Dulce[/caption] This year has been declared the International Year of Water Cooperation by the United Nations. As students return from vacations this month for another academic year, we at Osa Conservation are preparing environmental education materials and activities which will be taught in fifteen schools throughout the peninsula and surrounding areas. The environmental themes that we will be focusing on for this year are: terrestrial and marine ecosystems, deforestation and climate change, and waste management....

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In order to create public access stations for environmental education purposes, Osa Conservation recently built and inaugurated a 2.5-mile interpretive trail. In this easy journey, adventurers will find 23 stations labeled to help them understand and interpret the ecosystems, species and ecological associations that cross the path, which is a representation of the biological richness of the Osa Peninsula.
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[caption id="attachment_4712" align="alignleft" width="300"] RFA's and interns pose for a photo at our annual Sea Turtle festival this past September[/caption] November is the peak of the rainy season here in Osa, an ideal time for staying in, curling up with a good book and listening to the sheets of rain pelt the tin roof. Not so for the OC staff and our brave visitors and volunteers who have been working rain and shine to help us with various conservation projects! This month we're finishing up the Sea Turtle season and will be saying our goodbyes to our amazing Research Field Assistants that have made the program possible. Sai, Emily, Bre and Katie, we are incredibly grateful for your dedication and contribution this season. Thank you also to Katharine, Jamie and Alyssa, our field assistants who joined us for the first half of the season and all of our volunteers.
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[caption id="attachment_4531" align="alignleft" width="300"] Panelists discuss the environmental impacts of the proposed marina project at a community forum[/caption] By Andrea Johnson For the last two weekends, hundreds of people from Puerto Jimenez and surrounding towns have crowded together into small hot rooms for hours on end to engage in heated discussions about a very important current affair that is getting people talking in the Osa Peninsula. And there's not a soccer ball in sight. The events are a series of community forums revolving around a proposed development project. Five hour long public forums; democracy can be painful. The project in question is a marina and mega resort-style complex that the owners of Crocodile Bay Resort, an all-inclusive sport-fishing resort in town, want to build out into the waters off the town’s public beach. This would be the first marina to be built on the Osa Peninsula or in the Golfo Dulce, a globally unique marine ecosystem.
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It was a beautiful sunny day in Carate, where the fourth annual Osa Peninsula Sea Turtle Festival took place last Sunday, September 23. The Sea Turtle Festival aims to raise community awareness about the importance of joint efforts in the conservation of sea turtle species that frequent Osa beaches in the nesting months, and to share the objectives and results of Osa Conservation's Sea Turtle Volunteer program with the community. People from Carate, and other surrounding areas such as Piro, Rio Oro and Puerto Jimenez made their way out to the festival around 10 am, where they found music, food, drinks, face paint, and educational posters about Sea Turtle activity and Osa Conservation's work in Piro, Pejeperro and other beaches on the peninsula.
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[caption id="attachment_4426" align="alignleft" width="300"] Luis Daniel Montero is a kayak tour guide and a local activist[/caption] Luis Daniel Montero is a 22-year-old kayak tour guide and volunteer for ASCONA (Asociacion De Servicio Comunitario Nacional y Ambiental), a local non-governmental organization dedicated to community service and environmental conservation on the Osa Peninsula. Along with a few other ASCONA volunteers, Daniel, as he prefers to be called, is part of an extremely passionate group of activists protesting an American business-owner's proposal for a large marina development project on the Gulfo Dulce, a proposal met with considerable opposition among Osa residents and various conservationists on and around the peninsula.
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[caption id="attachment_3980" align="alignleft" width="269" caption="Chess in the Schools students holding hands on the beach"][/caption]

Last week, through the high school study abroad program AFS, a group of students from New York City visited our station on the Osa Peninsula with the support of Chess in the Schools, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to improving academic performance and building self-esteem among inner-city public school children.

“My favorite part was climbing the mango trees,” said one of the students. “I got to understand what nature is for the first time.”