Celebrating the National Tree Day with the local Community of La Palma

Blogspot by: Ruthmery Pillco Huarcaya, Botanical projects coordinator –OC

Trees are important components of the forests and our lives, however, deforestation and illegal logging are threatening their existence and contributing to climate change. This year, the United Nations declared the decade of the Restoration of Ecosystems in order to strengthen large-scale degraded and destroyed areas. This was initiated as a proven measure to combat the climate crisis and improve food security, water supply and biodiversity.

Every June 15 we remember ‘the day of the tree’, an environmental event established in Costa Rica by President Alfredo González on May 25, 1915. This day is a reminder of the importance of protecting forested areas and raising awareness of the importance of forest resources for the development of humanity and its habitat.

Scout children from La Palma and Toño Pizote showing the tree saplings that they have adopted to plant in their homes.

Aware of the role and benefits of trees, we celebrate this day in a big way. During the week leading up to ‘the day of the tree’, the schools of Ajuntaderas de Sierpe and Alto Laguna Indigenous Territory joined us to plant trees around their schools which provide habitat, shade and food. 

Fair of native trees of the Osa Peninsula, with information about its uses, distribution and conservation status.

We concluded this celebration with the riparian restoration of the very first river in the Osa Restoration Network, which was celebrated with the community and our partner organizations. The event took place on Saturday, June 15th at the home of Yisel Anchia, daughter of Mrs. Celedonia, who is the owner of the farm where the river restoration was carried out. This celebration was attended by different national organizations including SINAC with its official mascot (Toño Pizote), Junior Rangers, the National Alliance of Basins, and Rivers of Costa Rica, as well as local groups of La Palma (ADI, ASADA La Palma, Bandera azul, Scout Unit 152, Saimiri and a Folcloric group).

All united: schools, local organizations and neighbors of La Palma community, metaphorically representing the planet Earth as a remembrance of the Costa Rican National Tree Day.

During the celebration we ran a booth containing 60 different tree species from the Osa Peninsula. Excited participants learned about the natural history and uses of the trees. They were then able to adopt several tree saplings to take home and plant. The adopted trees included threatened and rare species like the garlic tree (Caryocar costaricense) and sangrillo Colorado (Paramachaerium gruberi), giant trees such as Ceiba pentandra, and ornamental trees such as lorito (Cojoba arborea). This event ended with a large planting of more than 100 trees in the restoration area of ​​Doña Celedonia’s farm.

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