Earth Day 2015 Celebration

Submitted by: Pilar Bernal, Environmental Education & Community Outreach Manager

This past Saturday, April 18, we celebrated Earth Day in the community of Puerto Jiménez, an activity organized by ASCONA (National Association of Community and Environmental Service) in which other organizations joined together to carry out a fun, educational celebration for the participants. Presentations were given on the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the Osa Peninsula, as well as the traditional timber uses of the forests. The children had fun and learned through storytelling, treasure hunts, and a play called “Living in Paradise,” which narrated the encounter between two migratory species of the area, the Prothonotary Warbler and the Green Turtle, in a mangrove ecosystem.

An eco-friendly fashion competition was also held, featuring dresses made from recycled materials like cardboard, plastic bags and bottles.

Local farmers had the opportunity to sell their products and talk about their sustainable farming projects with the event’s participants.

The activity was a demonstration of how working together can make a day-to-day difference in the community and create opportunities to enhance the environmental and cultural knowledge of its people.

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