Introducing the new Osa Conservation Interpretative Trail!

In order to create public access stations for environmental education purposes, Osa Conservation recently built and inaugurated a 2.5-mile interpretive trail. In this easy journey, adventurers will find 23 stations labeled to help them understand and interpret the ecosystems, species and ecological associations that cross the path, which is a representation of the biological richness of the Osa Peninsula.

The interpretive trail starts on a hillside and leads down to a lagoon habitat of migratory and resident birds, amphibians and reptiles. It takes you through primary forest, secondary forest, and other vegetation such as walking palm, palmiche, giant zapotero, ceiba and baco trees, strangler figs and the ojoche tree, which is considered a national icon.

During the tour, you can also see troops of howler and spider monkeys, and tracks of the various mammals that cross the path such as

This November we hosted a group of guides from Puerto Jiminez who visited the trail and gave us their suggestions for making it public to tourists and students from local schools who will receive a guided tour and carry out environmental education activities.  deer, agoutis, ocelots and pumas.

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