Learning about ecosystems and biodiversity of the Osa

By Pilar Bernal


The Education and Outreach Program is working with students from 10 schools in workshops on major ecosystems of the Osa Peninsula and the great biodiversity that each ecosystem houses.
In the space of two lessons (90 minutes each), students learn about the characteristics and importance of the cloud forest, the flooded forest, the tropical rainforest, mangroves, and the marine ecosystem and how to identify each one by a set of representative species.
In the coming months we will continue with workshops on climate change and waste management.
On World Environment Day (June 5), we celebrated with Piro and Rio Oro schools in Piro Biological Station. Students had fun playing with the treasure map of Corcovado with which groups won points with their questions about the biodiversity of Corcovado National Park and the environmental problems of the Osa Peninsula, and bingo with wildlife species. At the end of the activities, each student made a commitment to take action in their homes to help the planet, such as planting a tree, start separating waste, reuse plastic bags, and use cloth bags for shopping.

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