May 11th and 12th: World Migratory Bird Day

By: Pilar Bernal

World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated during the month of May in over 80 countries. This celebration began in 2006 and is an awareness campaign about the conservation of migratory birds and their ecosystems throughout the world. Every year the campaign focuses on a theme; for this year, 2013, the theme is “Creating networks to conserve migratory birds”.

This theme aims to raise people’s awareness of the importance of the networks or connections among ecosystems, and to preserve the health of the indispensable habitats for the lifecycle of migratory birds. These habitats are key sites in the migration routes and permit them to travel great distances, nevertheless, human activities have caused these habitats to deteriorate and disappear causing a great threat to these species.

Likewise, the theme refers to the necessity of creating and strengthening networks of cooperation among organizations and institutions, in order to implement effective joint actions to investigate, conserve and disclosure to ensure the survival of these species.


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