Osa Conservation Welcomes New Staff

Our new Land Conservation Manager, Max Villalobos

Our new Stations Manager, Larry Villalobos

As with any well-oiled machine, Osa Conservation is nothing without its nuts and bolts. Our wonderful staff dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy to helping us protect the land and wildlife of the Osa Peninsula, and today we would like to introduce our newest team members: Larry and Max Villalobos.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Max and Larry have always been avid fans of nature. Prior to his position at Osa Conservation, Larry, a self-employed water-rappelling entrepreneur,  had been accustomed to moving around due to his work in hotels. Both Larry and Max feel a close emotional bond with the Osa Peninsula, having always known it’s significance to Costa Rica and to the world.

“The Osa peninsula has always been an icon of biodiversity in Costa Rica,” Says Max, our new Land Conservation Manager. “Personally, I think it’s one of the most impressionable places I’ve ever known.”

As Station Manager, Larry has worked closely with the rest of our staff  to start improvements around the Piro Biological Center such as drafting new maps, building new signs and stabilizing the Cerro Osa trail. Max, on the other hand, has been overseeing Osa Conservation’s land conservation program which includes our native tree nursery and forest restoration efforts.

“I really like the Osa Peninsula and being able to work surrounded by nature and wildlife is amazing for me,” says Larry. “Working in a place like this where I can help conserve the nature of Costa Rica makes me feel like a better person!”

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Larry and Max, as we look forward to an extraordinary future with them on our team!

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