Preparing for Another Great Year of Environmental Education in the Osa Peninsula

By Pilar Bernal

The Esquinas River which feeds into the Golfo Dulce

This year has been declared the International Year of Water Cooperation by the United Nations. As students return from vacations this month for another academic year, we at Osa Conservation are preparing environmental education materials and activities which will be taught in fifteen schools throughout the peninsula and surrounding areas. The environmental themes that we will be focusing on for this year are: terrestrial and marine ecosystems, deforestation and climate change, and waste management. Every year in May Osa Conservation works with the Environmental Coalition of Purto Jimenez (composed of participating hotels, local environmental groups, and people from the community) to organize a large ecological event to raise awareness of important environmental topics.  With respect to this year’s theme, we will be working with local schools to offer the community a fun-filled day of  activities, expositions, workshops and games focused on the conservation of one of the most valuable resources to all living things: water. We hope to see some of you in May!

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