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Our Projects

Our projects leverage lasting social and environmental benefits by combining citizen science, land stewardship, education and outreach, and conservation.

Highlighted Projects

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Sea Turtles:

Our sea turtle conservation program monitors the nesting activity, predation rates and hatchling success of these incredible species. Our staff and volunteers gather important population and reproductive data and deter poachers who collect turtle eggs for consumption or sale.


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Camera Traps:

In 2013, UNA and Osa Conservation created the Camera Trap Network for the Osa Peninsula. This initiative, now the largest camera trap array in Costa Rica, is composed of NGOs, hotels, eco-lodges, and private landowners that are willing to contribute to the research and conservation of the wild cats and their prey in the Osa Peninsula.

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Forest Restoration:

We provide oversight and stewardship of the Osa National Wildlife Refuge (ONWR) and actively protect and manage a 1,400 acre reserve along the Esquinas River which includes forest and mangrove habitat essential to many migratory birds and other wildlife.


Main Projects

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