Connecting Habitat for Keystone Species

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Land Protection + Biological Corridors

Our conservation efforts are concentrated in the biological corridors connecting the three most important wildlands in Osa: Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park and the Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands. Ensuring forest connectivity on these private lands is crucial to the survivial of keystone species such as jaguar, tapir, and white-lipped peccary.

Our 5,600 acre (2,266 hectare) conservation properties are located within two important biological corridors: the land extending between Corcovado National Park and Cabo Matapalo, and the land between Corcovado National Park and Piedras Blancas National Park, on the east side of the Golfo Dulce. Within the Corcovado-Matapalo Biological Corridor, we work closely with landowners and the Costa Rican government to provide oversight and stewardship of the Osa National Wildlife Refuge (ONWR).  Within the Corcovado-Piedras Blancas Biological Corridor, we actively protect and manage a 1,400 acre reserve along the Esquinas River which includes forest and mangrove habitat essential to many migratory birds and other wildlife.