Protecting Osa’s flora and fauna


Rewilding the Osa is key to increasing the ecosystem’s resilience on all levels, from apex predators to plant life.

This incredible region of the Osa, with its intense diversity and endemism, is under serious threat. Across the tropics, old growth rainforests are declining and this is putting pressure on biodiversity as forests become fragmented and degraded. With a focus on biodiversity monitoring in the Osa, we are transforming restoration efforts beyond simply planting trees.  We aim to restore stability to the ecosystem by refortifying the local environment and improving resilience to climate change as a necessary strategy to rewild this unique corner of the world.

From monitoring jaguars and pumas, to monkeys and sea turtles, we are committed to better understanding the ecology of Osa’s wildlife and to make informed decisions for long-term management needs.

Click on the images below to learn how Osa Conservation protects the diverse wildlife of the Osa.

wildlife in the osa, sea turtles

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