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Osa’s Yellow-billed Cotinga

The Yellow-billed Cotinga (Carpodectes antoniae) is a unique regional endemic species whose global population is estimated to be a mere 250 – 999 individuals. Historically found from central Costa Rica down into Panama along the Pacific coastal slope, this bird is now believed to only reside in the mangroves and adjacent rainforests of the Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce. It is listed as endangered by BirdLife International but the limited availability of information on its current distribution and abundance likely warrants this species to be uplisted to critical.

Osa Conservation completed a scientific study of the spatial and temporal distribution of this highly endangered bird. Using radio tracking, we were able to follow these birds and determine what habitat they are using for breeding and feeding. We are using this information to inform a regional protection strategy which includes the creation of a reserve that will protect the most critical habitat for these birds. In protecting this land, we can protect a multitude of other flora and fauna that depend upon the same intersection of forest and mangrove habitats.

A Reserve For the Endangered Yellow-billed Cotinga

Osa Conservation partnered with the Gulf Coast Bird ObservatoryAmerican Bird ConservancyThe Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, and Osa Sounds to establish a reserve to protect one of the last strongholds on earth for this species.

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