Reforestation in Osa Peninsula

Lending Nature a Helping Hand

The Cerro Osa Reforestation Project

The Tree Nursery at Cerro Osa Reforestation Project

The Tree Nursery at Cerro Osa Reforestation Project

Cerro Osa’s local staff, Juan and Agustín Mendoza, worked hard in 2009 to improve Friends of the Osa’s native tree nursery. We now have more than 4,000 seedlings of over 40 native species.

Seeds are collected by hand from the mature forest of the Osa Biodiversity Center.  The seeds that are easiest to find often come in a delicious fruit package, making these trees good candidates to stimulate natural forest restoration by attracting seed dispersers such as birds, bats and fruit-eating mammals.

Many of these seedlings will be used in the forest restoration of Cerro Osa’s teak and pochote plantations.

Treeplanting in Osa PeninsulaIn June we partnered with conservation-minded neighbors to plant 60 trees of 13 native species to return part of their property to forest.  We also donated 100 trees to La Palma high school as part of a senior project.

  • Gordon
    Posted at 14:30h, 26 March

    I live in northern California. In this area, I have read that many plants have a relationship with underground fungi that help the plant to obtain nutrients from the soil. I wondered if you have that on the Osa Peninsula as well, and if you inoculate the seedlings when you plant them out?

    Great project!

  • Luz Quiñones
    Posted at 13:44h, 05 October

    Me gusta mucho como se ve el “Tree nursery” para el Proyecto de Reforestación!!! Estoy segura del éxito que van tener en su proyecto… Ya transplantados, los arbolitos se encargarán de su adaptación… ;D

  • Web Fix
    Posted at 13:22h, 26 August

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