Sea Turtle Hatchery

Submitted by: Manuel Sánchez Mendoza, Sea Turtle Program Coordinator

This is the time of year that we begin the construction of a new sea turtle hatchery, with means removing plants and cleaning and filtering the sand where the eggs will be relocated will be part of our daily activities over the next several weeks and we prepare a new place for the nests that need to be relocated. Last year, we had help from many people in this big and important project, including help from volunteers, research assistants, high schools, universities and the local community.

The past year, we were able to relocate hundreds of nests that were located in high-risk zones and areas with high predation rates or large fluctuations in the water level of the rivers and tides. In the end, however, and thanks to the great effort, we were able to release 14,000 hatchlings!

We hope to have a year full of activity from the turtles and help from everyone in order to continue protecting the turtles that nest on the beaches of the Osa Peninsula.

Many thanks to everyone!!!

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