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Visit the Osa

Visit our facilities in the Osa for a unique conservation experience

Osa Conservation operates the Greg Gund Conservation Center and Piro Research Center with comfortable accommodations for field courses, student groups, researchers, volunteers, conservation trips and other visitors to the Osa Peninsula. Our field campus is surrounded by rainforest and just a short walk from pristine beaches. Both of our facilities include the option of full meal plans with delicious traditional Costa Rican fare prepared by our wonderful local chefs Emilia and Annia. For more information, read our visitors guide.

  • Reserve your stay now. Whether you’d like to stay overnight or come for a day visit, we welcome conservation visitors to our field stations year-round. Tours, tree planting, baby sea turtles and many more exciting opportunities await you in the Osa.
  • Read about our facilities. Our conservation and research stations are world-class facilities for research and education.
  • Join a conservation birding trip. Birding in the Osa Peninsula is an unforgettable experience. Join one of our annual conservation birding trips for a chance to see Osa’s 400+ bird species and actively participate in our bird conservation efforts.
  • Bring your class to the Osa. Our field education program offers a unique opportunity for experiential learning in the tropics. Bring a class or educational group for a chance to get students out of their comfort zone, try new things, and experience the diverse wildlife and ecosystems of the Osa Peninsula.
  • Conduct fieldwork. The Osa is a field biologist’s dream. With over 140 species of mammals and more tree species than all the northern temperate regions combined, Osa is the perfect place to conduct field research in a diverse array of disciplines.
  • Volunteer. Volunteer with our Sea Turtle Conservation Program for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect these ancient and majestic creatures on the verge of extinction. Volunteering with Osa Conservation will give you the opportunity to participate in conservation efforts, connect with local communities, and immerse yourself in the splendor of virgin rainforest.
  • Visitation Packages Check out new packages that we offer with our partners in the Osa. Enjoy staying in different locations while experiencing a variety of eco-friendly and hands-on opportunities that Osa has to offer, including our own conservation efforts in the area.

“Thank you for the absolutely wonderful treatment we received during our trip.  Having slept in a tent on a wooden floor and eaten canned food at Corcovado, I had no idea what to expect in the way of accommodations at Piro.  You run a first class facility and all of your people were impressive, each in his or her own way.  The entire trip was enlightening, exhilarating and enjoyable.”

– Bob Anderson