World Wetlands Day

The event poster.

By Jaime González Acosta

The celebration of World Wetlands Day in the Wilderness Protected Térraba-Sierpe National Wetlands has been held for twenty-three years, and is one of the most continuous and stable events in the Osa Conservation Area.

The event for 2013 began with activities in the central park of the Sierpa de Osa community, with a boat tour to follow. In the park, local high schools and the University of Costa Rica displayed the importance of conserving the wetlands and the challenges of global warming.  Local board members of HNT-S revealed information about the wetlands such as location, classification, and biophysical data that is of great importance to tourists, students, residents and the general public.

The boat tour began at the Sierpe Pier and ended at the mouth of the Sierpe River, where students from Rural Boca Sierpe High School explained the important of conserving the Térraba-Sierpe wetlands. During the tour, students, faculty, staff, and people from different institutions were able to have direct contact with the wetlands.  They generated discussions and reflected on the pre-Columbian uses of the wetlands, its current management, and the implications of human actions on the health of the ecosystem and its inhabitants. 

This event at its core is both educational and community-driven, and allows an integration of interests at the local, regional, and national levels.  World Wetlands Day inspires an ownership of the landscape, the biophysical environment, and cultural values that reinforce the need, both individually and socially, to preserve a protected area that belongs to all people.

Beginning of the event in Sierpa de Osa Community Park


Preschool, primary, and secondary school students in the Sierpa de Osa Community Park

Educational discussions in the Islitas


The wetland informative panel. Present: Local Council, Municipality of Osa, Diquis Hydroelectric Project, Officials from ACOSA-SINAE

Explanation and discussion of the ecology of the wetland


Waste collection on Isla Violin. There weren’t enough bags for the trash.

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