Osa Conservation's Camera Trap Chronicles

Camera traps allow our team to research and conserve illusive wildlife. From the treetops to the forest floor and even below the marine surface, we have eyes and ears on the rainforest, 24/7.

The Best of Osa Conservation’s Wildlife Camera Traps

Treetop Camera Traps Provide a Close Look at Canopy Wildlife

Empowering the Next Generation of Conservationists

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Reconnecting the Rainforest

To conserve as much biodiversity as possible, we work to rebuild rainforest connectivity by planting native trees, bringing back species that have gone missing, and empowering local communities to bring back lost rainforest in their backyards.

The Nature Dilemma
Our Podcast from the Frontlines of Conservation

Reporting from Earth’s richest and wildest tropical landscapes, The Nature Dilemma takes you to the frontline of the biodiversity loss and climate change crisis.

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Celebrating Rainforest Heroes

Representing an array of ages, backgrounds, and identities, these local champions of nature tackle different aspects of conservation, including sustainable farming, coral and mangrove restoration, and species and land protection. From the mountain tops to the coral reefs, these heroes represent unique communities and conservation approaches, joined together by their fight to protect one of Earth’s greatest wilderness areas.

The 2022 Rainforest Heroes Celebration

2022 Hero – Alejandro (Champion) Azofeifa

2022 Hero – Socorro Avila

The 2019 Rainforest Heroes

2019 Hero – Celedonia Tellez

2019 Hero – Tomas Ridings Muñoz