Our Origin Story

For over two decades, Osa Conservation has been on the ground leading conservation efforts to protect the unparalleled biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, home to an astronomical level of Earth’s biodiversity on a land mass smaller than Los Angeles. 

Osa Conservation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States and Costa Rica, was born to ensure the biodiversity of this region thrives into perpetuity. Established in 2003, Osa Conservation is the brainchild of Dr. Adrian Forsyth and Manuel Ramirez, two renowned conservationists who sought to protect Osa’s ecosystems.

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We started small, a team of volunteers and researchers attempting to decrease sea turtle poaching on pristine beaches and monitor wildlife on the border of protected areas. Today, Osa Conservation is among the most impactful conservation NGOs in Latin America. Hand-in-hand with local communities, we are regrowing, reconnecting and rewilding the rainforest, restoring coastlines, protecting marine and terrestrial megafauna, and empowering the next generation of conservation leaders. Check out our annual reports below to learn more about our impact.

Today, Osa Conservation’s working landscape spans 1,,346,801 million acres across southern Costa Rica, including over 8,000 acres of private wildlife refuge protected by the Osa Conservation Campus. The OC Campus protects old-growth, secondary and mangrove forest, over a dozen kilometers of pristine coastline, and the entire Piro watershed. Throughout our campus, we trial restoration techniques to streamline the regrowth of healthy forest systems for people and nature. (To learn more about restoration management and biodiversity conservation on our property, click here to read Cerro Osa, A 10-Year Case Study in Tropical Rainforest Conservation Management).

Since the beginning, Osa Conservation has prioritized scientific conservation; our efforts to protect this wild place are founded on science and continue to push the frontier of tropical knowledge. Learn more about the new discoveries from Osa Conservation, visiting researchers, and our collaborators in our digital library of published research

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2022 Annual Report & Financials

Building Climate Resilience

From implementing cutting-edge conservation technologies on the ground to establishing a coalition of local rainforest protectors, this year Osa Conservation has pushed the frontier of conservation impact and scientific knowledge.

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2021 Annual Report & Financials

Ridge to Reef

In the face of a rapidly changing climate, our goal is to reconnect two of Earth’s greatest wildernesses – the Osa Peninsula and the Talamanca Mountains. From Ridge to Reef, we work hand-in-hand with local communities: enabling action from the ground up, planting rare and native trees to sequester carbon, rewilding degraded land, empowering local leaders, and equipping land-owners with everything needed to conserve natural resources and build sustainable agricultural systems so humans and wildlife can thrive.

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2020 Annual Report & Financials

Conservation Continues

This year (2020) brought unprecedented circumstances, but one thing is certain: conservation continues on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula thanks to the dedicated support of our local and international communities. Now more than ever, we must conserve Earth’s biodiversity and build strong human-wildlife connections.

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