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Thank you for your interest in working with Osa Conservation. Read the listings below for current job opportunities with Osa Conservation.

Resilient Oceans Manager

Communications Coordinator

Business Development Specialist

Wildlife Movement Ecologist

Movement Ecology Field Biologist


Consultants and Contractors



Rainforest Science and Conservation Fellowships

Osa Conservation awards 6-month fellowships to innovative  and ambitious graduate level students who are interested in researching the next big topics in tropical ecology, restoration, and conservation; and the best ways to tell the story of habitat and biodiversity conservation. Fellowship opportunities are listed below.


Ugalde Forsyth Rainforest Field Fellowship 


Stay tuned for future fellowship openings and announcements


Field Internship Opportunities

Field Internships are 3 month – 1-year opportunities for those interested in gaining hands-on field experience in tropical biology, ecology, sustainable agriculture, community involvement, and more! Internships are posted according to availability, but we have rolling application acceptance. For more information on our Internships, send an email to [email protected], or see our current listed opportunities here:

Click Here to View Current Field Internships

Volunteer Opportunities in the Osa

Volunteers are accepted year-round for our sea turtle and general volunteer programs. For more information on our volunteer opportunities, send an email to [email protected].