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Thank you for your interest in working with Osa Conservation. Staff openings are available periodically and a number of volunteer and internship positions are available year-round. Read the listings below for current opportunities.


Volunteer Opportunities in the Osa

Volunteers are accepted year-round for our sea turtle and general volunteer programs. For more information on our volunteer opportunities, send an email to [email protected]

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Rainforest Journalist

The rainforest journalist intern will assist in spearheading the media efforts of Osa Conservation. You’ll be working in one of Earth’s last wild places, recording and communicating  the work of a dedicated team of conservation scientists by taking photos, making videos and blogging. An average week at Osa Conservation will consist of experiencing a day in the life of a sea turtle conservationist to reporting on a botanical expedition in the rainforest, to photographing our restoration efforts planting trees across the Osa and documenting scientists monitoring the last remaining populations of threatened jaguars, peccaries and monkeys. This is an opportunity to develop your storytelling skills through the use of media to communicate OC’s mission and achievements to conserve Costa Rica’snatural treasures.

Along with interacting with conservation visitors, researchers, and school groups that visit the Osa Conservation campus, you will be training and engaging them in different survey-apps that Osa Conservation is collaborating with (such as iNaturalist,eBird, Instant Wild and Rainforest Connection).

Role Outline and Deliverables:

  • Accompany the science team in the field weekly to create powerful content that tells a story about the work of Osa Conservation  (marine program, restoration and rewilding program, wildlife monitoring program, sea turtle conservation program, botanic program and the organic agroecological farm) and the importance of conserving the Osa Peninsula .
  • Create and share 7 posts on Facebook, 3 posts on Twitter and 7 posts on Instagram per week – on some occasions this content will overlap between platforms but will need to be adapted to platform style. 
  • Produce or collect 5-10 key high-quality photos for each of the 6 programs and special events to be uploaded to Osa Conservation’s photo library (google photos) per month to be used for social media and grant proposals, also help to manage and improve the photo library. 
  • Produce a short video series (1x 1 minute video per program (x6) and 1 for the biological station and 1 for the lodge),  which will be shared on social media platforms and the YouTube channel monthly. 
  • Document visiting groups’ experience at the Osa Conservation Campus, groups here for 1 week or less produce 3 photos, groups/courses that are here over 1 week produce a short video.
  • Produce 5 key high-quality photos per Osa Conservation community event to be inputted in the photo library. 
  • Develop a protocol for posting (including content suitability, post standardization, and formatting) social media on Osa Conservation’s platforms. 
  • Assist Media Leader in creating and managing the social media content calendar.
  • Measure impact of social media by analyzing metrics and producing a report each quarter. 
  • Deliver regular survey app workshops and activities (iNaturalist, Instant Wild and eBird) for station visitors and groups.
  • Write a monthly blog to communicate the story behind some of the photos or videos produced to be posted on our website and newsletter. 

Skills Required:

  • Excellent photography skills with an interest in photographing nature and conservation.
  • Good videography skills with experience in video editing to make short promotional pieces and vlog series.
  • Confident with key social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube).
  • The desire to learn or existing skills in photo editing and graphic design skills such as Canva, photoshop and lightroom. 
  •  Fluent in English and  basic level of Spanish.
  • Good physical fitness level.
  •  Able to live in a remote location, sharing accommodation with the team.   
  •  Good communication, teamwork and social  skills.
  • An interest in tropical rainforest conservation and nature.


  • The rainforest journalist will receive food and accommodation and a small stipend.
  • Use of the Osa Conservation camera equipment (Canon 7D, 100-300mm lens and macro lens) during position period.

Application Process:

Send your CV, cover letter, 3 photos (1 x wildlife, 1 x landscape and 1 x people) and 1 x video, max length of 60 seconds (a video of you explaining why you want this internship here in Costa Rica with Osa Conservation – it can be you outdoors, at a desk, in a tree and be as creative as possible to showcase the impact you want to have through media and storytelling during this internship.) to Eleanor Flatt (Wildlife Monitoring Program Coordinator and Media Leader, Osa Conservation) at [email protected]  by the 3rd November, 2019. Most suitable internship candidates will be selected for a formal interview within the week beginning 28th October 2019. Successful candidate will need to be able to start within a month of appointment. 

Research Field Assistant Opportunities

Field assistant positions are posted according to availability but we have rolling application acceptance. These positions are 3 months – 1-year opportunities for post-grad students interested in hands-on field experience in tropical biology, ecology, sustainable agriculture, community involvement, and more! For more information on our field assistant positions, send an email to [email protected], or see our current job postings here:

Current Research Field Assistant Positions

Internships in Washington D.C.

Our Washington, DC office offers internships year-round, in the winter/spring (January – April), summer (May – August), and fall (September – December). Interns often assist in program and database management, communications and social media efforts, but other opportunities are available. Available internship positions are usually posted 1-2 months in advance of the upcoming semester, but applications are accepted year-round. To submit an application, send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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