The Osa Nature Retreat facilitates deep connection to the wild through a tailored, private experience.

Incredible Features & Facilities

Our campus allows guests to experience the natural world like never before. From our 100 ft. canopy tower to private waterfall trail, treetop lookouts, interactive living arboretum, and more, our campus is an international destination for nature lovers to experience the tropical rainforest first-hand.

Private Farm to Table Meals

Enjoy freshly cooked meals by our team of local chefs with over three decades of experience preparing authentic Costa Rican cuisine prepared specially for your group. Over 80% of our fresh produce is grown at our regenerative farm at the Osa Conservation Campus.

Fully Tailored Itinerary

This retreat is designed by our conservation and hospitality experts to ensure your group has a wonderful stay. Our staff will work with you before your arrival to design a personalized itinerary that will maximize your stay in the rainforest.

Explore with Rainforest Experts

Featuring an interactive in-situ arboretum, immersive restoration experiments, and team of esteemed researchers and conservationists living and working on-site, the Osa Nature Retreat is much more than a vacation. Come soak in the wonder of the tropical rainforest.

Osa Nature Retreat Rates

We look forward to welcoming you to our conservation campus. The Osa Nature Retreat is an exclusive experience that requires the following

  • Minimum of six guests

  • Minimum of three nights

  • Contact us for pricing

All rates are displayed in US Dollar and are current for 2023 & 2024 reservations. 

Contact Us to Learn More

The Osa Nature Retreat is a high-end, personalized experience. Send an email directly to our Conservation Campus Director to coordinate your one-on-one consolation.

Our Conservation Campus Director, Gabriela Vinueza, will lead the development of your personalized Osa Nature Retreat.