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By David Mattey, Wildlife Protection Technician

The White-Lipped Peccary is a threatened species of great ecological importance for the composition of tropical forests. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to protect them, since it is a highly hunted species for its meat. For a few months, before the migration of the peccary in the rainy season, the planning process for community monitoring and protection begins, together with the community’s biological monitoring group, members of the Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas (ASVO), who offered their free time for the passion of conservation and with the support for the authorities of the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) for the organization and coordination of Park Rangers in the region.

Once the migration had arrived, the herds of White-lipped peccary that were in search of land free from flooding and from hunting were monitored by, Osa Conservation companions, ASVO volunteers and the community of Rancho who then joined forces with SINAC Officials and the Community Biological Monitoring Group. A total of 24 days of monitoring, during which 35 people dedicated to walking in the mountains of this beautiful community participate, looking for traces of the peccaries and protecting them, despite the rain, night and the difficult terrain.

Mountain monitoring companions Conservation Osa, Community Biological Monitoring Group Rancho Quemado and ASVO. Photo: Raimond Vargas.

Traces after the herds of White-lipped peccary have passed. Photo: Olivier Ureña.

Everyone involved worked 105.5 hours tracking and protecting these herds in the mountains from being hunted but the locals which is helping the survival of this species. But the effort is not over, the herds have returned to the area of the community of Rancho Quemado. At the moment the monitoring group of Rancho Quemado along with the SINAC, continue to protection them without days off. Thank you to everyone who are tirelessly surveying for kilometers for this cause.

Victor Merella during one of the late-night monitoring efforts. Photo: Olivier Ureña.

Alongside all of these efforts, it is intended to educate the general public of the efforts that these people take for the love of natural. At the First Festival for the White-lipped peccary we are hoping that many people can visit, learn and be infected with the passion and selfless attitude of the Community of Rancho Quemado for its natural resources.

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