Immerse Yourself in the Wild

Volunteers join our team at the Conservation Campus, where they live surrounded by rainforest in comfortable shared accommodations. Enjoy access to over 30 kilometers of self-guided trails that traverse old-growth, secondary and mangrove forests, and feature our arboretum – a living museum that details over 400 species. Access the remote rocky coastline of Piro Beach, which can only be reached via the Osa Conservation Campus.

A Day in the Life

Every day is different as a conservation volunteer. Yours could look like:

5:30 – 7:00 Sea turtle patrol and hatchling release
7:00 Traditional Costa Rican Breakfast
7:30 – 11:30 Native and Rare Tree Planting
12:00 Fresh Lunch with the Conservation Team
1:30 – 2:30 Camera Trap Training
2:30 – 4:00 Forest Hike to Deploy Camera Traps
4:00 – 5:00 Soccer Game
5:00 – 5:45 Sunset at beach
6:00 Dinner & Free Time

Our volunteers support the programs 6 days a week. Daily tasks vary and can involve early morning beach patrols and/or late night surveys for endangered wildlife. To maximize volunteer impact, tasks vary based on seasons and our team’s necessities.

Where Rainforest Meets Sea

Within our 7,000 acre wildlife refuge, volunteers can access:

  • Working laboratory space & WiFi
  • Meals on-site
  • Shared work space available 24 hours a day
  • Private work space available by reservation
  • Treetop access via canopy tower


My trip to work at Osa Conservation on the Osa Peninsula was a fantastic experience and one that I will cherish for a very long time. Whilst volunteering at Osa Conservation I got the opportunity to work across a variety of projects. You learn very quickly as everyone there was helpful and willing to explain more about their work. I will certainly be returning to the Peninsula one day!

Georgia Ellon

I spent about three months volunteering at the Osa Conservation and it was the most remarkable experience of my life. I got to experience so many new things while being completely emerged in one of the most beautiful and protected areas in the world. My passion and love for nature and conservation work grew extremely working with this amazing organization.

Paisley Stewart

I was incredibly impressed with the team's knowledge, the easy access to incredible nature, and the amazing living facilities at Osa Conservation. Volunteering here was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; I wish I never had to leave!

Betty Bernt

Experience Nature Like Never Before

at our Conservation Campus

Volunteers live as a team at our group facility, with 180º views of the primary rainforest. Enjoy unlimited trail and beach access with three fresh meals daily served by our team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Osa Conservation Campus located?

Osa Conservation is located in the southern part of Costa Rica, in the Osa Peninsula. The Peninsula is renowned as the most biologically diverse place on earth, where an astounding array of biodiversity resides on a miniscule fraction of the Earth’s surface. 

Our campus is situated between Corcovado National Park and Puerto Jimenez on the peninsula’s south western coastline. Depending on road conditions and weather, the campus is about a 50 minute drive (26 km / 16 mi) west out of Puerto Jimenez.

When is the best time to volunteer?

We accept volunteers year-round. December through April comprises our dry season. September and October are the height of the rainy season, with heavy rainfall occurring every day. May through August, as well as November, are the transition months between the rainy and dry seasons, so you are more than likely to experience rain but will also enjoy sunshine and cooler daytime temperatures.

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable hiking clothes for hot weather and rain, preferably quick-drying. Please also wear:

  • High socks (to be used with rubber boots)
  • Swimsuit (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Light rain jacket
  • Rubber boots (these are mandatory for the trails)
  • Sandals or sneakers

Beyond clothing, we recommend the following gear:

  • Bring a dry bag or waterproof backpack to protect your belongings from moisture while in the field.
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (preferably natural)
  • Water bottle
  • Cash (US dollars are accepted almost anywhere or you can get colones from ATMs of Puerto Jiménez or San José).
  • Debit / credit card (widely accepted)

How easy is it to encounter wildlife?

The Osa Peninsula, where our 8,000 acre property sits, is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Common animal sightings include all 4 species of Costa Rica’s monkeys, coatis, anteaters, agoutis, peccaries, sea turtles, and plenty of birds (including scarlet macaws), lizards, frogs and snakes. While much rarer to see, our property is also home to crocodiles, ocelots, pumas, jaguars, and tapirs.

The more you get out onto our trails, the more likely you are to see wildlife! The vegetation is impressive as well–we protect over 300 native, threatened, rare and endemic species in our Osa Arboretum.

Can I visit Corcovado National Park? Is it close?

Yes! We can help you organize a guide and transport to nearby Corcovado Park. The La Leona entrance to the park is about a 35 minute drive from our campus.

What is the food like?

Hot and healthy meals are served by our talented kitchen staff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. About 75% of the fresh produce is supplied by Osa Verde Farm, our organic, regenerative on-site farm. The meals are a mix of international and typical Costa Rican cuisine, and can be made vegetarian, vegan, or allergen/gluten-free upon request. 

Can I get laundry done?

Yes, you can request a laundry bag from our office and we will send it to Puerto Jimenez to be cleaned and returned promptly for a fee. You may also opt to clean or rinse your own clothes in our laundry sinks and dry them on our laundry lines.

What is included in my stay?

  • Shared bathrooms and living space
  • 3 fresh meals daily
  • Wifi & national cell service
  • Coffee, tea, fresh fruits, and more
  • Free parking on-site

I have more questions

Click here to visit our comprehensive FAQ page or contact us via email:

Volunteer Rates

Volunteers are a key piece of our conservation efforts. As a volunteer, you will receive personalized field-based training from our professional conservation staff. For that reason, rates are adjusted based on the time commitment volunteers make to our mission. Volunteers who commit to implementing their training over a longer time frame receive a discounted rate.

All rates are displayed in US Dollar and are current for 2023 & 2024 reservations. Volunteer stays include shared lodging and three meals daily. 

International Volunteers

  • One – Two Weeks: $80 per day

  • Three – Five Weeks: $75 per day

  • Six – Nine Weeks: $65 per day

  • Ten Weeks and More: $60 per day

National Volunteers

  • One – Two Weeks: $75 per day

  • Three – Five Weeks: $70 per day

  • Six – Nine Weeks: $60 per day

  • Ten Weeks and More: $55 per day

Volunteer with Us!

Contact us to directly to begin planning your volunteer experience. Send us an email at with the subject line “Volunteer Inquiry” or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Hi, I'm Rocio, our Volunteer Coordinator. I'm here to help coordinate your volunteer adventure and answer any questions you may have!